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What Our Clients Say

I get both a very good stretch and a good workout by the end of the evening.  The instructor's instructions are clear and I feel that she listens to what people say to her.  Classes have had different postures and movement and I enjoy the change from one class to the other. I look forward to the class. - Margo H. -Beginner Yoga

I love the convenience of having classes at my work site, leaves no room for excuses not to go.
Christine J. -Corprate Yoga


Gives me a “workout” for my body and mind.
Elisa C. -Intermediate Yoga


I signed up for yoga a bit apprehensively, not sure exactly what to expect.  The lunch hour yoga sessions have quickly become a valuable coping tool for me in these times of consistent changes.

One of the first things I noticed was that my regular breathing habits were backward.  I would hold my stomach in when inhaling and push my stomach out when exhaling.  By turning this habit around, I quickly noticed subtle changes in my everyday routines.  For example, I found that my running improved, and that I was able to use my breathing to calm myself quicker.  I have noticed that the postures get easier with time and that often I leave the class feeling like my muscles are attached to a string that has been loosened so that I am longer with a more open body posture.

I always find that I instantly relax once I enter the environment the instructor creates.  I regularly notice that the instructor intuitively structures the classes to the needs of the group.  This ability has quickly made it possible for me to trust the class environment and encourages me to take risks with moves and techniques that may be foreign to my past experiences.

I often comment to my friends how important the weekly yoga is to my well being, and regularly recommend these sessions to anyone that will listen!

Many thanks.
Louise R. -Corporate Yoga


Amazing class!  The instructor is very professional, but friendly and made us comfortable (don't forget we're rookies)!
Katharine and Todd W. -Beginner Yoga


I always enjoy the classes, love the positive and friendly environment.
Lise A. -Intermediate Yoga


I feel I have an excellent basis to work from and the signs will benefit us greatly. The tricks to remember the signs really helped
Christine G. -Baby Sign Language


Something amazing happens to me at my noon hour yoga class at work.  I can feel myself uncurling, losing my tension and distractions and becoming calm and focused.  At the beginning of the class I'm breathing so quickly and feeling pretty scattered.  But the exercises, the music and the instructor's gentle and encouraging teaching take me to another part of myself.  By the end of the class, I've slowed down and found my centre again.  I feel energized and ready for the rest of the week.
Sue M. -Corporate Yoga


I’d recommend this class as a must for pregnant moms. Very relaxing and satisfying.  Excellent instructor!! Thank you.
Michelle -Prenatal Yoga


My 6 year old daughter and I are enjoying the Mom & Daughter Yoga classes. The teacher is doing a fabulous job with our group. She uses language to describe positions and moves, which is at the children’s level. She has a very friendly manner with us all and gets moms and daughters to engage in some interesting exercises together. The teacher is very aware of what is going on in the room and walks around to give advice and assistance as needed. My daughter and I always look forward to the class.
Andrea C. -Mom & Daughter Yoga


For me as an unflexible person with fear of yoga, this experience was life changing!
-Celeste T. - Yoga That Fits


I look forward to this class every week!
Tara C. -Beginner Yoga



The most immediate benefits that I have felt from the yoga sessions at work are that my upper back, shoulders and neck are more flexible and comfortable.  I have fewer 'mouse-arm' problems (soreness in fingers, hand, wrist, arm and neck), and the breathing exercises help to reduce stress when things get really demanding in the office.  These benefits result in increased productivity.

The biggest long-term benefit of practicing yoga has been that I feel much more attuned to, and comfortable with, my body.  In particular my balance and flexibility have improved enormously and I have more energy.  I feel as if I've rolled back the clock several years. 

One thing I believe is that until you start a program like this, you don't really realize just how much tone and flexibility your muscles have lost while you were not paying attention.  It's great, and my goal is to keep yoga as a permanent part of my life.

Thank you!
Sylvia D. -Corporate Yoga


A friendly, informal, no-pressure class. I learned invaluable relaxation techniques for pregnancy and labour. Thank you.
B. Davies -Prenatal Yoga


Using the breathing techniques learned in class helps me to relax.  Doing the classes makes me feel more energetic for the rest of the day.
Anne B. -Beginner Yoga


I loved this class. My best sleep of the week!
Lisa P. -Yoga That Fits


I really enjoyed this class. It kept me centered and balanced through the emotional trials of early pregnancy. Excellent!
A. McKinney -Prenatal Yoga


I am amazed how after my yoga workout I feel so happy, relaxed and recharged.  It gives me that extra boost to help me deal with all the crisis situations which seem to be so prevalent in today's work environment.  Thanks for helping me deal with these challenges in such a healthy way!
Elaine S. -Corporate Yoga


The classes are great! A nice way to connect with your baby.
Cheryl L. -Baby & Me Yoga