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Class Descriptions


Animal Kingdom Movements
gets your little monkeys moving creatively! They’ll have a blast jumping like frogs, lumbering like gorillas, skittering like crabs, or swimming and playing like whales, dolphins and seals. A super fun, creative and different way to get your little humans moving!

Baby and Me Yoga classes are designed with mom and her new baby in mind. Connect with your young one with playful asana (exercises) while you stretch, breathe and relax your body back into shape. You will have a chance to share with other moms, while your baby is stimulated physically, emotionally and socially. This class is best suited for moms who have healed after delivery, and for babes who are not yet very mobile. Previous yoga experience is not necessary.

Baby Sign Language 
Babies understand and can communicate long before they are able to speak. Research shows that babies who learn Sign Language learn quicker and talk earlier. Using songs and games learn how to teach your baby basic American Sign Language (ASL) so they can better convey their wants and needs and relieve unnecessary frustration. The instructor will teach you the signs and songs so you can practice at home.  Babies can sleep during class or you can bring some toys.  Newborn-24 months.

Chair Yoga offers relaxation techniques and Yoga exercises while seated or standing. The classes are very gentle and beginner friendly. No matter what your age or physical condition, chair Yoga has many benefits such as easing stiff muscles, relaxing a sore back, improving posture, and releasing stress.  Everyone is welcome.

Dancing Pilates is a unique class mixing classical ballet barre repertoire with traditional Mat Pilates and Standing Mat Pilates to improve posture, placement, core strength, alignment, balance and flexibility. No experience necessary.

Dynamic Posture explores gentle Yoga postures with the influence of Alexander Technique principles which acutely focus on body movement, awareness and posture. Many of us alternate between a rigidly held posture followed by an even deeper slump. This class will help you rediscover that within each of us, there is a wonderful supportive mechanism that has never been lost, but rather masked with much habitual tension. People with muscular skeletal pains as well as athletes will also benefit and learn from this movement exploration. Expect some gentle exercise, yoga poses and longer period of 'Constructive Rest'.

Family Yoga
challenges you to
use your imagination and sense of adventure in a fun and playful family yoga class. Classes bring all members of the family together to connect and explore through group and partner poses. Classes allow family members to become more centered and calm while increasing strength and flexibility.  Communication is improved to help create a special environment to bond with your children.  Please check facility for age range.

Hatha Yoga is suitable for all levels of experience.  Work on balance, strength, flexibility and relaxation as you build your self-awareness.  A more profound connection with the body is developed, releasing tension and anxiety.

Jazz & Tap
(3-4 year olds) It’s time to tap those toes and shake those hands! Learning the basics of tap footwork and jazz technique, students can expect to be movin’ and groovin’ to lively rhythms. Please have your child wear sneakers if possible.

Jazz (5-7 year olds) offers a popular medley of techniques, Broadway and lyrical styles that will have students movin' and groovin' to lively rhythms as they learn the basics of jazz dance.  Please have your child wear sneakers if possible.

Kundalini Yoga combines classic Hatha Yoga poses (Asanas) with breathing coordination and exercises (Pranayama) and meditations formed into integrated Sets (Krias) focusing on various intentions, body centers and states of mind.  Compared to the more common Hatha practice, there is less emphasis on flexibility and flow and more on concentration and aspects of mental and physical discipline.  Overall, the intention is to help develop a fit body and a calm and cheerful outlook on the world.

Little Ballerinas gives tiny dancers the chance to twirl, jump, skip, gallop and hop their way through this exciting introduction to ballet! Games and activities will teach balance, coordination and spatial awareness. Through imagery and interactive music, participants will also be introduced to the basic classical positions of the body. This class is set to exciting and upbeat classical music and is not parent participatory. Tight active clothing and bare feet are best suited for class.

Mini Yogi is not your typical Yoga class for kids! This is a recreational program of motor skill activities. Children learn through group tasks and challenges that will allow them to gradually develop an interest for yoga, sports and physical activities. Each class consists of a parkour course that allows the child to execute a wide range of movements including throwing, catching, dancing, rolling and stretching, but their main objective is....to have FUN!   Accompanied by parent.

Nutritional Cleansing will help your body be the miracle it was meant to be.  If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, come to our FREE evening to find out how you can easily, quickly and safely feel better.  Our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxins from the foods we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.  Release unwanted pounds and inches (and keep them off) easily and quickly. Benefits can include improved strength, clear complexion, increased energy, reduced stress, deeper sleep, and a wonderful side benefit of releasing unwanted pounds and inches, plus more.  Feel, look and be healthier and more vibrant.

students will learn the main fundamentals of Pilates, which are the foundation of performing the exercises properly. Both mat and standing Pilates exercises will be taught - a great combination for balance, strength and control. Students will see great results with their body alignment and muscle tone!

Pilates for Posture
builds balance and utilizes exercises that strengthens muscles with specific attention to improved posture. No matter what your age or physical condition, Pilates for Posture has benefits such as easing stiff muscles, relaxing a sore back, relief from arthritis and improving posture. Everyone is welcome.

Pilates Fusion includes the fundamentals of Pilates, promoting strength and stability while lengthening the muscles and supporting the spine, with the elements of Yoga to produce a more focused and calm mind. Students will see great results with their body alignment and muscle tone.  No Pilates or Yoga experience necessary.

Teen Yoga classes are for teen from the ages of 13 to 17. Designed to encourage teens to look within and be themselves. Peer pressure and competition are left outside the door, while individuality and fun are themes of the classes.

Yogalates combines the qualities of relaxation from Yoga, and strength from Pilates, to help give you a stronger, leaner more energized body and a more focused, calm mind. Build on core strength and flexibility to help improve your overall well being. All levels welcome.

Yoga Dance offers an eclectic combination of Salsa, Yoga and unique Postural Reflex exercises, inspired by the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique is the instructor’s most important background and a primary lens in moving and teaching. This Dance/Yoga class has a strong emphasis on reawakening of proper muscular sequencing and support. Class starts with a passionate Salsa music, followed by stamina building Yoga poses, then ends with a gentle yet invigorating postural reflexes "dance" with the support of the ground. Traditionally, we end the class with Savasana - resting pose. An enjoyable and relaxing class, full of learning opportunities.

Yoga for All welcomes all body types to cultivate a strong body, a powerful mind, and a peaceful heart. Moving dynamically with breath through flowing gentle yoga postures  you will build whole body strength, unwind tight joints, and restore physical, mental & emotional balance.  This beginner level class offers new and experienced students a safe, fun and supportive environment to explore the foundation postures and breathing techniques of Hatha Yoga.  Improve your flexibility, strength, mental health and state of being by practicing easy twists, balances, stretches and inversions. 

Yoga for the Older Adult classes are designed for relatively active men and women over the age of 55.  Emphasis in these classes is on balance, strength and flexibility.  Classes are slow and gentle allowing everyone to work at their own pace. 

Yoga Games explores the dimensions of yoga through games incorporating breath, body movements, dancing and songs. This active, yet focused class helps kids to increase concentration; becoming more calm and centered, while increasing or maintaining their flexibility. Let's get the imagination flowing, let's get creative, let's move, sing and play! 

Yoga Pack includes Yoga classes (subject to availability), unlimited coaching, up to 30 days of product, and 30 day money back guarantee.  Available only at our Greentree Village location.