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April 2012       Issue 665

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10 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself in Yoga Class
Recharge Yourself with Spring Cleansing
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Ah, Spring at last!  At least officially.  More sun will make it perfect, but I love seeing the new buds on trees and the crocuses and other flowers pushing through the ground.  Spring is truly a season of new growth on so many levels.

Congratulations to Tara, our regular Thursday night Yoga teacher at Hastings Community Center on her new baby boy, Bodhi.  He came into this world March 20 weighing 7 lb 11 oz at 9:18pm to the sounds of the 108 names of the Divine Mother being chanted.

I hope you're ready to delve into Spring classes!  You'll find all our classes on our website at www.intoyoga.ca.  Check our classes pages for all locations, days and times. 

There are some new treats in store for you too, like a second Yoga for Oder Adults class on Thursdays as well as Prenatal Yoga at Kerrisdale Community Center, several new classes at Champlain Heights including Baby Yoga, Yoga Tots and Adult Pilates and at Hastings Center we're offering Restorative Yoga.

Consider registering for classes at Greentree Village before April 5 2012.  When you pre-register for our Spring and Summer classes together, you'll receive $10 off.

Enjoy our April newsletter.

Galeano Yoga Retreat

May 11 to May 13, 2012 at Bodega Ridge, Galiano Island, B.C.

Bodega is nestled on 22 acres of pristine coastal country . Situated at the base of the famous Bodega Ridge, with magnificent views of Trincomali channel, the  surrounding Gulf Islands and the Vancouver Island mountains.

Registration and details:
604-465-5253 or email mandy@kaliyogainc.com
For more info please visit: www.kaliyogainc.com

10 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself in Yoga Class

Some of yoga's best lessons are not about how to get all pretzeled up, but more about how to establish beneficial behaviors that will carry over into your life off the mat. Take a look at this list of 10 things to stop doing to yourself in yoga class and see if any of them sound a little too familiar.


Recharge Yourself with Spring Cleansing
by Dr. Dennis Harper

We are all familiar with spring cleaning—the part of the year when we traditionally set aside time to clean the house or the yard. During this time, we should also remember our bodies. Click here to continue reading.

Contact info@intoyoga.ca for more information about how you can get started your Spring cleansing today.


Warrior Pose Sequence
By , About.com

If you're looking for a quick, invigorating sequence of standing poses, focus on the five warrior poses. Though you may be familiar with these poses, there is a lot of subtle detail you can bring to the alignment while also strengthening your legs and core and working on forward bending and back bending. Click here to continue reading.


Pregnancy Weight Gain
About.com Guide

Most women need to gain anywhere from 15 to 35 pounds during their pregnancies. The amount you should gain depends on your pre-pregnancy weight and body composition.  You need to gain enough weight for your baby to develop properly, but gaining too much weight means you'll have more weight to lose later on and (depending on how much you gain and how quickly) may lead to complications during the pregnancy.  Click here to continue reading.


Cardamom Baked Pears (serves 2)

Warm or chilled, these lightly spiced baked pears make a luscious low-fat dessert. If you don’t have ground cardamom on hand, try sprinkling the pear halves with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, or allspice for a different flavor twist.


  • 1/2 tsp. ground cardamom

  • 1/4 cup white wine

  • Pinch ground white pepper, optional

  • 1/2 vanilla bean, halved lengthwise

  • 2 firm ripe pears, such as Comice or Anjou, halved and seeded

  • 1 1/2 Tbs. lemon juice

  • 2 Tbs. sugar

  • 1 tsp. nonhydrogenated vegan margarine, such as Earth Balance, cut into 4 pieces

  • 2 Tbs. pine nuts, optional


1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Place one oven rack in top of oven and one in middle of oven. Combine wine, cardamom, and white pepper, if using, in 8-inch-square baking dish. Scrape vanilla bean seeds into wine mixture, and add scraped pod.

2. Place pears cut-side up in baking dish. Pour lemon juice over pears, allowing excess to spill over. Sprinkle with sugar, and top each pear half with margarine piece. Cover pan with foil, place on middle rack in oven, and bake 30 minutes, or until tender.

3. Remove foil; turn oven to broil, and shift baking pan to top rack. Broil 5 minutes, or until lightly browned.

4. Meanwhile, toast pine nuts in skillet over medium heat, shaking pan frequently, 4 to 5 minutes, or until browned.

5. Transfer pears to serving plates, drizzle with juice from pan, and sprinkle with pine nuts.

Nutritional Information: Per 1 pear with 1 Tbs. sauce and 1 Tbs. pine nuts: Calories: 207, Protein: 1g, Total fat: 2g, Saturated fat: <1g, Carbs: 50g, Cholesterol: mg, Sodium: 25mg, Fiber: 7g, Sugars: 36g


Yoga/Pilates & Nutritional Cleanse Seminars at Work

We're passionate about bringing Yoga and Pilates into the work place.  For people who feel the demand and stress at work, don't have time to make it to a Yoga studio, or just simply want to take some time for themselves, Into Yoga has the answer for you.

Our certified professional instructors will come on site at lunch, or before or after work and teach classes right at the work place.

Be the coordinator of your office Yoga classes and you'll receive your classes for free if there are at least 10 participants.

Find out more at www.intoyoga.ca/corporate.htm or call 604.421.9872 or email sheri@intoyoga.ca to book classes now.

Why not add one of our FREE Nutritional Cleanse Seminars at work too?  Find out how you can gain and maintain your optimal health through a combination of meal replacement shakes, regular meals and a cleansing drink, to help give your body the healthy look and feel you've been striving for.  It's easy to get started, just email sheri@cleanseyourbody.ca or call me at 604.421.9872.  We'll even bring some samples for you to try.


We Want Your Feedback

Have you experienced classes with us before?  If so, we'd like to hear from you.  The good and the bad.  Tell us what you like.  How have they improved your life?  What keeps you coming back?

Plus tell us what we could do better (but be gentle).  What can we improve and what would you like to see that we're not providing?  Email your comments to info@intoyoga.ca.  We're listening.


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