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January 2011
       Issue 50

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Can you believe another year has passed?  I think I say this every January, but where do the years go?

I hope you enjoyed the holidays immensely and are ready to immerse yourself in some adult and/or baby programs.

If you're looking to fulfill a 2011 resolution to getting healthy, not only can you join some of our classes, but I highly recommend you join our HEALTHY BODY CHALLENGE

Reach your ideal weight and health goals using a complete nutritional support system that cleanses impurities while feeding your body all the essential nutrients it needs to be strong, vibrant and healthy.

You can find out more about our Healthy Body Challenge on January 6 or January 10 at 7pm in Burnaby.  If you haven't received your personal invitation yet, and you'd like to come find out more, please contact me as soon as possible.  You must pre-register for this eventYou could be the winner of $1000 in prizes!

Check out some of our new classes this month.  Belly Dancing, Yoga for Men, Yoga for Weight Loss, Meditation, and more.  You'll find our listings at www.intoyoga.ca/classes.htm.

Hastings Community Center is offering a FREE Yoga class on January 14.  Click here for more details.

Beginner Yoga returns to Kerrisdale Community Center on Monday mornings at 9:00am
.  Yoga for Older Adults will continue to run on Mondays at 10:30am.

will continue to offer a mixed level of Yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but for those of you that want something a little more challenging, consider registering for our Level 2 class offered on Wednesdays at 6:00pm.  You'll find Meditation on Mondays, Pilates on Tuesdays and Belly Dancing on Thursdays at Greentree too!

I hope you enjoy this month's newsletter.  Both the new look and the content!

Where Are All The Men?

By Andrew Tilin

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and I am in, of all places, a yoga studio. While my cycling buddies set out for a ride, I waited by racks of flowery yoga clothes, then filed in for class. While my pals pedaled and, no doubt, rapped about racing, I unrolled my black mat near someone else's pink one, beside someone else's painted toenails and a pile of voguish flip-flops. Now, my fellow riders are probably engaged in some testosterone-fueled sprint, while I'm grunting loudly to stay balanced on my forearms. I'm inverted and self-conscious: In a class filled with women, I alone am emitting primal noises.

A world turned upside down—that's yoga for most of us men. We still run most of the government and hit the major league home runs, but yoga is a woman's domain. According to a 2005 Yoga Journal market study, 77 percent of the yoga practitioners in America are female. Anecdotally, longtime teachers like Anusara Yoga founder John Friend and Power Yoga instructor Baron Baptiste, who both regularly crisscross the nation hosting workshops, believe the numbers might be even more skewed. After all, only about 1 in 10 subscribers to this magazine is male. "What I find myself constantly contemplating," says Michael Lechonczak, a yoga instructor who teaches at Equinox Fitness in Manhattan, "is how to get more guys into class."

It's not that we don't know what we're missing. Nowadays, there seems to be a yoga studio on every corner; our girlfriends and wives are walking, talking testimonies to the practice. At home, we watch them rushing out the front door, brows furrowed, only to return standing tall, with big, tranquil smiles on their faces and compassion in their eyes. Because my wife Madeleine is a yoga instructor and an avid student, I witness this stress-to-bliss transformation several times a week. When she comes home, I often mumble to myself, "Don't I want to be that happy?" Yet I haven't practiced yoga consistently for years.

So I asked highly qualified doctors, scientists, and veteran yoga teachers exactly why so many men stick to yoga's sidelines. I also polled members of that rare breed known as the male practitioner—from pro athletes to busy investment managers—to find out how they came to embrace yoga. In the end, I discovered social, physical, and emotional realities that discourage men from practicing. I also heard about the moments of inspiration that got men over such barriers—and ideas about what might help other men make the leap, too. If you're a man who's hesitated to try yoga—or you know a man you'd like to introduce to the practice—read on.



Virabhadrasana 1 (Warior Posture)Virabhadra is the name of a fierce warrior, an incarnation of lord Shiva, described as having a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, and a thousand feet; wielding a thousand clubs; and wearing a tiger's skin.

Position of Readiness

Tadasana (mountain pose) with hands at sides.

Steps Standing in Tadasana (mountain pose) take a large step forward, bending your leading leg at knee and sinking into the posture, keeping the feet hip width apart and facing forward. Make sure the right knee is directly over the right ankle. If you need to, slide the feet further apart.

Take the hands to the hips and square the hips and the shoulders to the front wall.

Press the crown of your head away from your shoulders and allow the pressing to elongate your spine. Expand your chest by pressing out through your chest points.

Raise your arms overhead and press your fingertips away from your shoulders.

Bend your leading knee and sink into the posture, allowing your buttock bones to become heavy and your tailbone to relax.

Focus at a point in your front and breathe. Go for about 5 deep breaths, bring down your arms and get your legs together. After completing the abovementioned steps reverse the position.

Benefits Warrior I strengthens the legs, opens the hips and chest and stretches the arms and legs. Warrior I develops concentration and balance. This pose improves circulation and respiration and energizes the entire body. Virabhadrasana also builds and generates confidence.


Baby Signs
Can Baby Sign Language Delay Speech?
By Victoria Clayton

Q: Baby sign language has become extremely popular recently. I’ve heard only wonderful things about it, including that it eases frustration and promotes verbal language. However, my niece has been taught baby sign language and is now 18 months old and has yet to speak a word. She seems content to just demand food and drink with her hands. Does baby sign language actually delay verbal language in many cases?

Find out the answer here.


1950 Style Meatloaf  (Yields 8 Servings)

This meatloaf version became a family favorite in many households in the 1950's. The key is in the onion soup mix and the mixture of ground beef with pork sausage for added flavor and moisture. If you do not eat pork or traditional bacon, you may substitute turkey or chicken sausage or use all ground beef. Turkey bacon is available as a substitute, or eliminate the bacon altogether. The leftovers make great sandwiches.


  • 1-1/2 pounds ground beef (chuck is best)

  • 1/2 pound ground pork sausage (seasoned or not)

  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten

  • 1 cup fine bread crumbs

  • 1 to 2 large cloves of garlic, pressed

  • 1 cup diced sweet onion

  • 1/4 cup diced green bell pepper (sweet capsicum)

  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano, crushed

  • Freshly ground pepper to taste

  • 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

  • 1 package dry onion soup mix

  • 1/2 cup milk

  • 1 (6-ounce) can tomato paste, divided use

  • 2 to 4 strips bacon, cut in half (optional)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Combine ground beef, pork sausage, eggs, bread crumbs, garlic, sweet onion, bell pepper, oregano, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, onion soup mix, milk, and half of the tomato paste. Gently mix only until combined. Do not overwork the meat or it will become tough. Form into a loaf. Cover with the remaining half can of tomato paste. Weave the bacon strips over the top.

Bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Let meatloaf rest 15 minutes before cutting to serve.

Nutritional Information Per Serving:
: N/A


Yoga/Pilates & Nutritional Cleanse Seminars at Work

We're passionate about bringing Yoga and Pilates into the work place.  For people who feel the demand and stress at work, don't have time to make it to a Yoga studio, or just simply want to take some time for themselves, Into Yoga has the answer for you.

Our certified professional instructors will come on site at lunch, or before or after work and teach classes right at the work place.

Be the coordinator of your office Yoga classes and you'll receive your classes for free if there are at least 10 participants.

Find out more at www.intoyoga.ca/corporate.htm or call 604.421.9872 or email sheri@intoyoga.ca to book classes now.

Why not add one of our FREE Nutritional Cleanse Seminars at work too?  Find out how you can gain and maintain your optimal health through a combination of meal replacement shakes, regular meals and a cleansing drink, to help give your body the healthy look and feel you've been striving for.  It's easy to get started, just email sheri@cleanseyourbody.ca or call me at 604.421.9872.  We'll even bring some samples for you to try.


We Want Your Feedback

Have you experienced classes with us before?  If so, we'd like to hear from you.  The good and the bad.  Tell us what you like.  How have they improved your life?  What keeps you coming back?

Plus tell us what we could do better (but be gentle).  What can we improve and what would you like to see that we're not providing?  Email your comments to info@intoygoa.ca.  We're listening.


For Women Business Professionals

Are you a woman business owner, professional or entrepreneur interested in creating more referrals for your business?

I am an area coordinator for The Heart Link Network, a fun, non-threatening, non-membership networking event showcasing women who are serious about growing their business.

Our events are held in a warm environment with dinner provided. It is a powerful, unique and effective marketing tool specifically designed to link women so they can nurture, support, enrich and resource one another in both personal and professional ways.

Consider joining our Heart Link Networking Group. You can find more details at www.meetup.com/Burnaby-Heart-Link. Or simply register and lock in your business category at www.V5A4B7.TheHeartLinkNetwork.com.  Be added to our news updates and invites by emailing sheri@cleanseyourbody.ca with ADD ME TO HLN in the subject line.


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By oneself the evil is done, and it is oneself who suffers: by oneself the evil is not done, and by one's self one becomes pure. The pure and the impure come from oneself: no man can purify another. The Dhammapada


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