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Into Yoga Newsletter

March 2009 - Issue 27

Ah, Spring is around the corner!  I cannot wait until we have the warm, sunny days.  Even if my home is still covered in tarps by then, (I'm envisioning it won't be), I will enjoy the heat of the sun. 

We will be offering something brand new this Spring at Hastings Community Center and Mt Pleasant Community Centers.  It's called Dinner (or Lunch) and a Yogi.  Our very own Brenna has designed a three hour treat so you can pamper yourself and titillate your taste buds.

With Spring, comes Spring cleaning.  Now is one of the best times to clean not only your home, but your body.  We are offering a FREE seminar on nutritional cleansing March 31 at Greentree Village.  Not your regular, stay at home be near the bathroom cleanse, but a very gentle whole body internal cellular cleanse.  Remove impurities, then replace and replenish the body with natural organic nutrients.  Increase your energy, sleep better and feel great!  Plus for people who carry excess weight, you can watch it melt off your body.  You'll leave with the understanding of why diets don't work, why a traditional cleanse has short lived results (and could possibly be detrimental to your health) and why nutritional cleansing may be the answer you've been searching for.

Springtime also brings new classes.  You can always find what we're offering by going to our website www.intoyoga.ca, or go directly to our classes page at www.intoyoga.ca/classes.htm.  We have the Spring classes listed on our website, however, registration for them will not begin until later this month.  Please call the location you wish to attend to see when you can register.

Please email us at info@intoyoga.ca if there is a class you'd particularly like to see in your area.

Combining a yoga flow designed to prepare the body for digestion, followed by the preparation of a nutritious vegetarian meal, you'll learn about the yoga of eating and explore such topics as:

- the prana (energy) of foods
- principles of yoga that relate to eating
- the importance of mindful preparation and consumption of food, and
- the relationship between the nervous system and the digestive system

We hope you'll enjoy what you read in this newsletter.

In this issue you will find the following topics:

     1)    Attend Yoga for FREE   
     2)    The Great Outdoors Show
     3)    Try This Pose
     4)    Yoga is for Every Body
     5)    Quips and Quotes
     6)    Past Newsletters
     7)    Your Contributions Welcome
     8)    Our Privacy Policy
     9)    Email A Friend

1)    Attend Yoga for FREE in Burnaby or Coquitlam

Would you like to attend 10 weeks of FREE Yoga classes in our Burnaby or Coquitlam locations?  Here's how you can do it.

Talk to your co-workers and co-ordinate a minimum of 10 on-site Yoga class at your office.  Once we are booked, paid and have begun teaching the classes, you can receive your next session of 10 public classes FREE at either our Burnaby or Coquitlam location.  Plus, if you co-ordinate your on-site staff classes, and there are at least 10 paid participants, you can also receive your office Yoga classes for FREE too!  Now that's a deal!  (Classes must begin before March 15, 2009).

We want to help create a stress-free environment at work.  We believe that staff who take the time to breathe and realign themselves, work better and enjoy their jobs more.

Benefits to the Participant
* improved memory, focus and concentration
* reduced stress and tension
* boosted immune system
* lower blood pressure
* improved circulation
* increased energy
* improved self esteem
* a more firmed, toned and flexible body
* relief of common ailments such as backache and fatigue

Benefits to the Employer
* less absenteeism
* improved productivity
* enhanced decision making
* boosted morale
* reduced burnout
* less turnover
* increased motivation
* better team spirit
* lower health care costs
* increased efficiency
* enhanced company/employee relationship

Call 604-421-9872 or email info@intoyoga.ca.  Visit our Corporate page on our website at www.intoyoga.ca/corporate.htm.

2)    The Great Outdoors Show

Come visit us at The Great Outdoors Show at the Tradex in Abbotsford.  You'll find us at booth #317 on March 20, 21, 22.  We'll be showcasing Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse products.  Try your chances and enter our FREE DRAW!

Celebrity Presentations & Show Features
The Great Outdoors Show will feature celebrity speakers, stage presentations, health & fitness presentations, BBQ cooking demos, sports demos, contests, and much more!  Visit the Marketplace for small and home based businesses, the Bike Expo featuring road, mountain, touring, BMX, motocross, skateboards, bike racks, accessories, and equipment, Adventure Travel exhibiting travel & vacations, resorts, eco-tours, whale watching, guest ranches, and fishing resorts, Health, Fitness and Nutrition sampling food, beverages, nutrition, supplements, skin care, running gear, boot camps, fitness, training, and MORE.

See show details at www.TheGreatOutdoorsShow.com.

3)    Try this Pose - Extended Cat Pose

This pose offer a variety of benefits.  Using core muscles to balance, it helps to strengthen the abdominal, back, hip and shoulder muscles as well as developing and toning the arms and legs.  Focus and concentration are improved.

1.  Begin on all fours, hands under shoulders, fingers spread, middle fingers parallel and pointing forward; knees under hips about a fist distance apart.

2.  Draw your belly toward your spine and lengthen the spine from tailbone to the crown of the head, nose is pointing toward the floor.

3.  Inhaling, raise your right arm along side your ear.

4.  Exhaling, raise and extend your left leg parallel to the floor.

5.  Lift your torso upward creating space in the left shoulder and right hip areas.  Extend through the fingertips of the extended hand and the heel (or toes) of the extended leg.

6.  Hold the pose and breathe.  Do not let your back sag.  Gently draw the tailbone downward to lengthen the lumbar area.

7.  Release gently.

8.  Repeat on the opposite side.

NOTE:  Practice this posture at your own risk.

4)    Yoga is for Every Body
by Sheri Kauhausen, RYT

Inhale......Exhale......Did you do it? Did you think about it as you did it? Then you just did Yoga! Although Yoga can be much more complex than this, it is also as simple as this. If you can breathe, you can do Yoga.

Yoga is an eight limbed path that found its roots in India more than 5000 years ago. Originally passed verbally from teacher to student, it wasn’t until around 200 BC that Patanjali, an Indian sage, transcribed the Yoga Sutras in which 195 skeletal ideas were outlined in an 8 step path to self realization through mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

Yoga continues to hold to this 8 limbed path however, many Westerners turn to Yoga specifically for one select link. The physical aspects of asana, is the third link along this 8 step path, and is the one that most of us are most familiar. The beauty of the postures is what initially attracts many practitioners.

There are many disciplines of Yoga. It can be difficult, not to mention overwhelming, for a newcomer to decipher all the different names. Mostly the difference is in the level of intensity. Power, Kundalini, Flow, Iyengar, and a multitude of others all have the same goal, but slightly different attunements to get there.


Classical (sometimes referred to as Traditional) style of Yoga is what many refer to as Hatha. To dispel a misconception, Hatha relates to any Yoga that involves asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques). Relaxation usually ends a hatha Yoga class. So, although classical is a hatha Yoga, hatha Yoga is not just classical. Classical Yoga is a gentle Yoga involving slow movement and posture retention, while connecting with the breath.

Yoga can be practiced by everyone, regardless of body type, race, age, gender, religion, or physical abilities. When looking for a class, keep looking until you find an instructor, a style, and a level that suits you. The ultimate goal of Yoga is to find self realization; to unite body, breath, mind and spirit. Therefore, among the first steps are to be aware of your body as you move, your breath as you breathe, your mind as you think, your spirit as it soars.

There is no goal in Yoga.  It is a never ending journey in life.  It starts with the breath, and it ends with the breath.  Just breathe.

65    Quips and Quotes

To know what you are, you must first investigate and know what you are not. ~S. N. Maharaj

6)    Past Newsletters

You may read past Newsletters on our website by going to www.intoyoga.ca/articles.htm and clicking on the Newsletters link.

7)    Your Contributions Welcome

If you would like to contribute in some way to upcoming newsletters, please contact us at info@intoyoga.ca.  We welcome your views, thoughts, enlightenments, articles, etc.  When contacting us, please be sure to let us know that you'd like to have your contribution inserted into our newsletter.

To submit articles for our website you can visit www.intoyoga.ca/articles.htm to review our guidelines.


We'd love to hear what you think of this issue!

Please send your comments, questions, and ideas for upcoming issues to info@intoyoga.ca. Your feedback matters to us!

8)    Our Privacy Policy

We appreciate your patronage.  We will never violate your trust by giving out your personal information.  We will never rent, sell or otherwise offer your personal information to anyone, ever.


9)    Email this Newsletter to a Friend

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