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Into Yoga Newsletter

May 2008 - Issue 17


May is upon us!  Goodness, time goes so fast. 

We have lots of classes starting in May.  Have a look at our full schedule at  If you're in Burnaby or Coquitlam, join us for our Mother's Day Special Yoga Week!  Find out more below.

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In this issue you will find the following topics:

  1)    Mother's Day Special
  2)    Spring Class Schedule
  3)    Take Control of Your Health
  4)    Four Steps to a Positive Outlook
  5)    Yoga Can Make You Taller
  6)    Create Your Home Yoga Practice
  7)    Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser
  8)    Invite Us to Work
  9)    Recipe - Strawberry Salad with Gorgonzola Dressing
 10)    Quips and Quotes
 11)    Past Newsletters
 12)    Your Contributions Welcome
 13)    Our Privacy Policy
 14)    Email A Friend



1)    Mother's Day Special

Celebrate Mother's Day in our Greentree Village and Precision Dance Academy locations!  We'd like to extend Mother's Day through the week of May 11 to May 17 at these two locations only.  If you're registered in our Yoga classes at either Greentree Village or Precision Dance, bring your Mom, Wife or Daughter to class for FREE during Mother's Day Week.   Daughters must be at least 10 years old to participate.

If you're currently not registered at either of these two locations, then you can participate in our Mother's Day Week Special by paying two-for-one drop in.  Pay a $10 drop in fee and bring your Mom, Wife or Daughter for FREE!

2)    Spring Class Schedule

Our Spring session has begun, however, many classes run in two sets over the Spring session.  So if you missed the first one, you may have the chance to register for our May classes.  Check our schedule at for a full list of classes and location. We have Yoga classes ranging from Beginner to Dynamic Flow, Prenatal, Family, Partners, Baby & Me.   Baby Sign Language, Body Rolling, Yoga That Fits and lots more!

3)    Take Control of Your Health

If you want to enjoy the following benefits, then mark Saturday May 17 on your calendar. Because at 10:30am sharp, we’re going to show you how you can have these qualities in your life!

*bring your body back to a balanced state so it can heal itself
*increase your energy
*reduce your stress
*build muscle mass
*enhance your mental focus
*cleanse everyday impurities out of your body
*improve your complexion
*flood your body with organic dense nutrition

A great side benefit
*shed unwanted pounds and inches and keep it off

Come join us to taste 7 different products, including our new nutritional CHOCOLATE!

Please RSVP 604.421.9872 or before May 15 for the exact location.  Please note this is a presentation on nutritional cleansing, and is not Yoga related.  You can view more info at

4)    Four Steps to a Positive Outlook
as laid out by Dr. Andrew Weil

Did you know pessimism has been linked to a higher risk of dying before age 65? On the other hand, expressing positive emotions, such as optimism, is associated with a variety of health benefits: lowered production of the stress hormone cortisol, better immune function, and reduced risk of chronic diseases. If you are stressed-out or anxious, which can be either a cause or effect of a pessimistic outlook, try the following:

  1. Take care of yourself by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and getting adequate sleep.
  2. Express your emotional reactions honestly so you can effectively deal with what's bothering you.
  3. Confide in someone - your mate, a good friend or a trusted relative.
  4. View the cup as half full instead of half empty.

5)    Yoga Can Make You Taller

Practicing yoga can make you stand straighter so you reach your full height. That’s apparently what happened to 24 women who completed nine weeks of yoga training as part of a study in Philadelphia. By the end of the study the women had gained, on average, a centimeter in height - about a third of an inch. The program was designed to help women over 65 improve their balance and walking speed. The women met twice a week for 90-minute sessions during which they learned poses specifically designed by B.K.S. Iyengar, the originator of Iyengar Yoga, to help older people stand upward and teach them how to bend forward and bend sideways. After completing the program, the women walked faster, used longer strides, and could stand for a longer time on one leg, reported Jinsup Song, a podiatrist from Temple University who conducted the study. He said the women also felt more confident in their ability to balance while standing and walking. Dr. Song presented his findings at the annual meeting of the Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society.

 6)   Create Your Own Home Yoga Practice

Many yogis don't practice at home because they simply don't know where to start. Here's how to create sequences that will keep you engaged, curious, and dedicated.

By Judith Hanson Lasater
written in

What's your hardest yoga pose? If you and your yoga friends were to compare notes, you'd likely come up with a wide variety of answers. But virtually all practitioners will tell you that a greater challenge lies in developing and maintaining a home practice. Beginners face the task of remembering poses to practice; more experienced students face the dilemma of deciding what emphasis to choose during any particular session. Even teachers and students with decades on the mat can be daunted by the difficulties of maintaining and renewing a home practice. Illness, family obligations, boredom, travel, and that universal bugaboo, a perceived lack of time: All these obstacles, and more, will inevitably appear.  ...Read More

7)    Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser
Submitted by Tina Paterson

Enver Creek Secondary School ( 14505 84th Avenue ) is hosting a fundraising event to help find a cure for breast cancer!  For ticket information please call the school @ 604.543.8149 or This event will highlight one courageous young woman’s battle with breast cancer and will also provide great information on how we can all keep strong, healthy and happy!  There will be a Silent Auction with awesome items to bid on; a One-Act Play written, produced and acted by extremely talented young actresses; Vocalists; Dancers and Vendors that will all be available to keep you busy throughout this amazing event (not to mention Starbucks coffee and treats to keep  your pallet satisfied too).  Tickets are $20 with 80% going to Breast Cancer and the other 20% going to a student bursary for a graduating student this fall.  The event will run from 6 – 9pm. 

Tina lost her aunt to breast cancer and will be walking in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer on Sept 5-7 2008 in honor of her.  If you'd like to support Tina in her efforts to raise funds for this event, please go to

8)    Invite Us to Work

We want to help create a stress-free environment at work.  We believe that staff who take the time to breathe and realign themselves, work better and enjoy their jobs more.

Benefits to the Participant
*reduced stress and tension
*boosted immune system
*lower blood pressure
*improved circulation
*increased energy
*improved self esteem
*a more firmed, toned and flexible body
*relief of common ailments such as backache and fatigue

Benefits to the Employer
*less absenteeism
*improved productivity
*enhanced decision making
*boosted morale
*reduced burnout
*less turnover
*increased motivation
*better team spirit
*lower health care costs
*increased efficiency
*enhanced company/employee relationship

Our rates begin as low as $5 a class.  Please call us today for more information or to set up classes for your work place.  Call 604-421-9872 or email  Visit our Corporate page on our website at

9)    Recipe

Strawberry Salad with Gorgonzola Dressing (serves 6)
Vegetarian Times Issue: June 1, 2005   p.77

Gorgonzola dolce is a creamy blue cheese from the north of Italy. It is milder and less salty than French Roquefort. It makes a tart, creamy dressing for this salad of tender lettuce and sliced spring berries. The slight bitterness of watercress adds a note of contrast. The optional toasted almonds provide both crunch and sweetness.


  • 1/4 cup Gorgonzola dolce cheese, softened to room temperature

  • 1/2 cup low-fat plain yogurt

  • 2 Tbs. fresh lemon juice

  • 1 Tbs. vegetable oil

  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


  • 1 large head butter lettuce or 2 heads Bibb lettuce, rinsed, dried and separated (about 8 cups)

  • 1 bunch watercress, washed and stemmed, optional

  • 18 fresh large mint leaves, cut into thin strips

  • 1 pint basket or 2 cups strawberries, washed, hulled and sliced

  • Salt to taste

  • 1/4 cup slivered almonds, toasted, optional


  1. To make Dressing: Put cheese into food processor, and process until soft and smooth. Whisk in yogurt, lemon juice and oil. If too thick, whisk in 1 Tbs. water. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Set aside.

  2. To make Salad: Tear lettuce into bite-sized pieces. Put lettuce, watercress, if using, mint and berries into bowl, and season with salt. Add dressing, toss well and arrange on salad plates. Garnish with toasted almonds, if using.

10)    Quips and Quotes

I am silent that I may hear, I am still that I may see, I am serene that I may be. ~Source unknown

11)    Past Newsletters

You may read past Newsletters on our website by going to and clicking on the Newsletters link.

12)    Your Contributions Welcome

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