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Into Yoga Newsletter

July 2008 - Issue 19


Finally, Summer has arrived!  I love the warmth from the sun.  I'm a very happy camper now.


As you probably know, during the summer we cut down the classes we teach.  We still have many classes available for you to choose from though.  You'll find all our classes on our website on our classes page.  For Greentree Village in Burnaby you can download a registration form from the classes page.


In last month's Newsletter, I put out a request that you let me know what classes you'd like to have in the Burnaby and Coquitlam areas.  I'm still open to suggestions as to times, days, and class options.  Please email them to


I hope you enjoy reading this month's Newsletter.  It too has been condensed somewhat for the summer months.


In this issue you will find the following topics:

  1)    Your Input Needed
  2)    Summer Class Schedule
  3)    YogaMonth 09.2008
  4)    Yogathon and Blissfest
  5)    Natural Remedies for Kids
  6)    Try This Pose
  7)    Invite Us to Work
  8)    Interesting Sites 
  9)    Recipe - Red Pepper Vinaigrette 
 10)    Spirit of India Tour
 11)    Quips and Quotes
 12)    Past Newsletters
 13)    Your Contributions Welcome
 14)    Our Privacy Policy
 15)    Email A Friend


1)    Your Input Needed

We have the chance to offer some new classes at Greentree Village, and some Vancouver locations.  We are looking for your input as to what you'd like to see, and when you'd like to see it.  Greentree has also opened up their days and weekends, so we can offer classes Monday to Sunday in the daytime.  We need to know what interests you and what location you'd like to see the classes offered.

2)    Summer Class Schedule

Summer classes are beginning this month.  Make sure you go to to find our full schedule.

3)    Yoga Month 09.2008

Yoga Month 09.2008 is a national awareness campaign to inspire a healthy lifestyle. The core of the Yoga Month campaign is a 10 City Yoga Health Festival Tour that will take place during the month of September in cities throughout the US and Canada.  Yoga Month 09.2008 is supported by national magazines like Yoga Journal, Whole Life Times, Yoga Mates, Newsweek, and Health Magazine.  Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Bryan Kest, Mariel Hemingway, and other yoga powerhouses will celebrate Yoga Month by participating in the tour.  All proceeds from the 10 City Yoga Health Festival Tour will benefit Youth Health Alliance, a nonprofit organization that provides FREE enrichment, recreational, and academic programs to at-risk youth. 

An all-inclusive VIP PASS ($88) is offered for festivals taking place in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Chicago, New York City, Boston, Miami and Vancouver.  The VIP PASS provides full access to festival workshops, concerts and special events.  To find out more about the event, tlease visit and put in Teacher's Associate ID #4293 when ordering your VIP Pass.

4)    Yogathon and Blissfest for Camp Moomba:  July 12, 2008

An all day festival celebrating community and inter-connection that has become Vancouver’s most anticipated yoga event.  This is our 6th year of spreading the love through this amazing festival, which is the primary fundraiser for Camp Moomba, a camp for children impacted by HIV/AIDS.  Join Eoin Finn.

5)    Natural Remedies for Kids (and Adults too)

Not only is this a Canadian company run by a mom entrepreneur, I'm allowing myself a little nepotism, as this is my daughter-in-law's company. 

Submitted by Angie Reid

As many people are beginning to realize, many ingredients in cosmetics and sunscreens contain things that are becoming more and more dangerous to our health especially to our children’s health. They are developing allergies at an alarming rate and cases of skin rashes and kinds of eczemas that were never heard of before. This is why we have developed our own line of products that does not contain any of these “swear” words. We use no ‘dyes #’, we don’t use synthetic smells, and we don’t use parabens or mineral oils, and we especially don’t use Paba.

Our sunscreen (Sun Blocker) has been used all over the world and people call it the best (at SPF 30). But the best part is, if you forget to put it on and do get burned you can still put it on and by tomorrow you’d swear you’d never been burned. It can also be used on burns received in the kitchen or other places. What makes it so good is that is has oils used by natives in the south seas to keep their skin moist and supple in the hot sun, including coconut oil, Carnuba wax, Beta-carotene, Shea butter, and essential oils like Niauoli which is amazing for skin and preventing sunburn in the proper blend. It is safe for babies all the way to grandma. Some people use it as a night cream or day cream to stop the rays of the sun causing age damage.

It’s all natural and synthetic free.  We have many products to choose from. We have Sun Blocker, Prego sticks for mommies to be, creams and lotions for the whole family including baby. Check us out at

6)    Try this Pose



Pretending like a dog can be fun and firming.  The Hydrant will help to tone your thighs which strengthening the back, abdominal, arm and leg muscles.  Try to keep your foot flexed as you move through the different positions.  Also try to keep your body weight centered as much as possible so you're not swaying from side to side.

To avoid lower back strain elbows may be bent or entire forearm placed on floor, palms down.

1. Kneel on hands and knees, hands under shoulders, legs hip distance apart. Look down at floor
2. Inhale, keeping right foot on floor, raise right knee out to the side
3. Exhale, lowering knee back down to floor
4. Inhale, raise right knee and foot so they are both parallel to floor. Flex foot
5. Exhale, slowly draw right knee up toward shoulder. Do not drop hip. Keep foot flexed
6. Inhale, bringing bent knee back so inner thigh is parallel to floor
7. Exhale, lowering knee back down to floor
8. Inhale, raise right knee and foot so they are both parallel to floor. Flex foot
9. Exhale, straighten right leg to the side so whole inner leg is parallel to floor. Keep foot flexed
10. Inhale, lower heel to floor
11. Exhale, raise leg back up
12. Inhale, bending knee so inner thigh is parallel to floor
13. Exhale, lower right knee to floor
14. Inhale, extending leg out behind at hip level
15. Exhale, lower toes to floor
16. Inhale, raising foot off of floor with straight leg
17. Exhale, lowering bent knee to floor
18 Inhale, raise right leg extending out back, parallel with floor
19. Exhaling, cross right leg over left leg and lower toes to floor, looking over left shoulder
20. Inhaling, raise right leg and bring leg and head back to center
21. Exhaling, lower knee to floor
22. Repeat with left leg

- NOTE - The above exercise may be performed separately or as a set

7)    Invite Us to Work

We want to help create a stress-free environment at work.  We believe that staff who take the time to breathe and realign themselves, work better and enjoy their jobs more.


Benefits to the Participant
* improved memory, focus and concentration
* reduced stress and tension
* boosted immune system
* lower blood pressure
* improved circulation
* increased energy
* improved self esteem
* a more firmed, toned and flexible body
* relief of common ailments such as backache and fatigue

Benefits to the Employer
* less absenteeism
* improved productivity
* enhanced decision making
* boosted morale
* reduced burnout
* less turnover
* increased motivation
* better team spirit
* lower health care costs
* increased efficiency
* enhanced company/employee relationship

Our rates begin as low as $5 a class.  Please call us today for more information or to set up classes for your work place.  Call 604-421-9872 or email  Visit our Corporate page on our website at

8)    Interesting Sites

We've all heard about the dangers of using cell phones.  I don't know whether this is true or fake.  But someone sent this to me and I wanted to pass it on to let you decide.  Check this video on YouTube

Thinking about an exotic Yoga Retreat?  Try

9)    Recipe
Red Pepper Vinaigrette (Serves 8)

This salad dressing is nothing like your basic vinaigrette formula – but you'll soon want to use it nearly every day. The classic vinaigrette is made with 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar. As you can see, this version has no oil in it at all, making it extremely low in calories. But don't worry – it's very high in flavor. Once you've tried this I'm sure it'll become your basic everyday staple for salad. And you can never eat too much salad!

Ingredient List

1/4 cup apple juice
1/4 cup cider vinegar
2 tablespoons chopped onion
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1/2 teaspoon dried whole oregano
Pinches of rosemary and thyme
1/2 teaspoon dry mustard powder
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1/2 of a roasted red bell pepper


Combine all ingredients in a blender container. Blend to mix thoroughly.

Nutritional Information
8 calories; 0 g total fat (0 g sat); 0 mg cholesterol; 2 g carbohydrate; 0 g protein; 0 g fiber; 50 mg sodium

10)    Spirit of India Tour
Submitted by Michele Labelle

Join Michele Labelle, Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher on her annual pilgrimage to India Mar 2-15 2009.  Read about the last  guided tour below, then follow the link to find out more about the 2009 tour.

India’s charm lies in its colorful play of contrasts. Jasmine incense burning as you walk by a little shrine and Ganesh, the half elephant half human god, is available to you as you pray.  He is the remover of all obstacles. I couldn’t imagine traveling alone in India. That is why The Spirit of India is a wonderful way of exploring India’s magic in a group setting.  Like minded travelers ready to explore new adventures.

Imagine yourself just after sunrise, your first yoga class in the great Thar dessert at Manvar camp. Surrounded by warm sand dunes and a peaceful blue sky, three peacocks strolling majestically around the circle where we start the yoga class. As we move from one posture to the next the rhythm of life in your body is awakened to something bigger than one could have ever imagined, all is well…. in the great Thar dessert.

After the famous buffet style breakfast we jump into jeeps for our safari tour in the desert. Exploring village life and the wonderful laughter of children to observing impala’s and wild camels eating in the tall tree.  We return to base camp to set out our next destination the blue city Jodhpur.

Our first walking tour is to the majestic Meherangarh Fort which was built on a solid rock foundation. A narrow winding road all the way up to the main gates where we observe a father playing his traditional violin style like instrument and his son jiggles in his coined costume dancing for us to the rhythm of the song. We are all mesmerized by the music, the well adorned dancing child and the town below, speckled with blue houses, it’s all so magical.

After our tour in the fort we settle in our comfy hotel. The next day’s adventure will take us to Jaipur. We drive in our a/c coach and then take our first train passing everyday Indian life. The markets filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, a man getting a shave and the shop is a mirror nailed up on the side of a tree, the children coming home from school 5-7 stuffed in a decorated tuk-tuk. A family of four on one bicycle and the sacred holy cow taking precedence everywhere on and along the road. Everywhere you look there is always honking traffic and people everywhere, approximately 1.1 billion people, the second largest population in the world exceeded only by that of China.

In Jaipur we are greeted at the Shahpura House Hotel with various flower garlands, some made of fragrant roses. A cold drink waiting for us in the waiting area, a reception fit for a queen or king… or princess.  We are guided to our rooms that are vibrantly colored with matching palates of colour bedding decorated with sequins fit for royalty. We enjoy a nice snack in the shade by the pool and that evening enjoyed a yoga class on the royal carpets in the courtyard. The better it gets; the better it gets!

We invite you and your friends to find out about the fun filled Holi festival and the throwing colour!  The Amber Fort, the Taj Mahal and explore the magical morning and evening Aarti or Puja the celebrations of sunrise and sunset with priests who do this every single day and night on the holy river of the Ganges.

For more details on The Sprit of India Tour 2009 with Michele Labelle check out the link to the sacred earth website.


My experience of India opened my heart wider to joy than I believed possible. Sacred Earth Journeys did a wonderful job of linking a passionate, imaginative, and fun-loving yoga teacher with a spiritually-knowledgeable Indian tour guide and healer, who together provided a deep and informative experience of Northern India.
Laura Gibson, North Vancouver, BC (Spirit of India - Mar/08)

An unforgettable experience enriched by the care and competency of the tour company, tour guide and our spirited yoga instructor.
Yvonne de la Roche, Vancouver, BC (Spirit of India - Mar/08)

Sacred Earth Journeys offers a variety of very meaningful and interesting trip destinations. I found it especially rewarding sharing India with 18 other new acquaintances from various locations in North America and New Zealand. Not having concerns about trip planning made the tour very pleasant.
Kathleen Murphy and Dale Moore, Parksville, BC (Spirit of India - Mar/08)

Every day was full of surprises, a gift, and a new way to look at life!
Megan Kleisinger, Abbotsford, BC (Spirit of India - Mar/08)

The Spirit of India was a life journey that brought together the perfect elements to create a life changing experience: the cultural experience of India, a spiritual tie, yoga practice in a phenomenal setting, and the inspirational members of the group. You won’t find a trip like this offered anywhere else!
Alejandra Jimenez, Glendale, CA (Spirit of India - Mar/08)

11)    Quips and Quotes

What is Buddha-mind? Your mind is it. When you see the selfsame essence of it, you can call it suchness. When you see the changeless nature of it, you can call it Dharmakaya. It does not belong to anything; therefore, it is called emancipation. It works easily and freely, never being disturbed by others; therefore, it is called the true path. It was not born and, therefore, it is not going to perish, so it is called Nirvana. ~ Bodhidharma

12)    Past Newsletters

You may read past Newsletters on our website by going to and clicking on the Newsletters link.

13)    Your Contributions Welcome

If you would like to contribute in some way to upcoming newsletters, please contact us at  We welcome your views, thoughts, enlightenments, articles, etc.  When contacting us, please be sure to let us know that you'd like to have your contribution inserted into our newsletter.


To submit articles for our website you can visit to review our guidelines.


We'd love to hear what you think of this issue!

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14)    Our Privacy Policy


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