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Into Yoga Newsletter

July 2007 - Issue 7


Summer is in full swing, it's too bad the weather doesn't know about it yet though!  I hope you take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to read through our July 2007 Newsletter.  And I hope you find something interesting.

In this issue you will find the following topics:

  1)    Ultimate Health Challenge Success

  2)    Bone Density Clinic

  3)    Revs Saturday Yoga Classes

  4)    Summer Schedule

  5)    Quit Smoking with Hynotherapy

  6)    Create More Energy

  7)    Prenatal Yoga

  8)    Try This Pose

  9)    New Articles

 10)    Interesting Websites for Pregnant Moms

 11)    Recipe - Becki's Oven Barbecued Chicken

 12)    Quips and Quotes

 13)    Your Contributions Welcome

 14)    Our Privacy Policy

 15)    Email A Friend


1)    Ultimate Health Challenge Success

Thank you to everyone who registered for our Ultimate Health Challenge which included using high grade organic nutritional cleansing products to internally cleanse the body along with a series of Yoga classes.  Enjoyment was had by everyone and the results were excellent.  We're thinking of doing it again in the Fall.  If you're interested, email me at  You don't have to combine the Yoga with the Nutritional Cleanse.  You can do it now!  Contact me for more details.

2)    Bone Density Clinic

Last chance to register for our Bone Density Clinic being held at Revs Health Club, 5502 Lougheed Hwy in Burnaby.  Limited space is available for Saturday July 14 between 9:00am and 1:00pm.  Please call Sheri at 604-421-9872 or email me at to book your time.  A $10 deposit is required with the balance to be paid at the clinic.  DO NOT contact Revs directly or send them the cheque.

Using ultrasound on the radius of the forearm, the procedure is quick, painless (no needles) and very accurate. The results are immediate, easily understood, and you can take them directly to your doctor.  Because this test is by ultrasound, it is even safe during pregnancy.  The cost is $39.95 plus gst and takes only 10 minutes.

The company we will be using is OsteoGuard.  They use the very latest equipment and their testers are highly trained experienced professionals.  You can check them online at

3)    Revs Saturday Yoga Classes

It's great to see everyone attending the Saturday Yoga classes at Revs.  We now have three classes a week that you can choose from.  Purchase a FlexPass and enjoy all three.

Saturdays 10:30am - 11:45am
Sundays 9:15am - 10:30am
Wednesday 7:00pm - 8:15pm

Revs Health Club is located at 5502 Lougheed Hwy in Burnaby just east of Brentwood Mall.

4  Summer Schedule

Some locations offer new classes beginning in July and August. For a full list of classes, days, times, etc. please go to our website at  Register early to avoid disappointment!

5)    Quit Smoking with Hynotherapy

Want to Quit Smoking, Guaranteed?  As an Into Yoga Newsletter subscriber, we are offering you a substantial discount to grant this request.

Lionel Philippe, a certified hypnotherapist is based in Vancouver BC. Using hypnotherapy since 2003, Lionel maintains an 86% success rate among his clients who have come to him for help to quite smoking.

Would you like to rank among those 86%?

Is This You??

A smoker, perhaps for many years who has tried almost everything to stop?
A smoker, dependant and addicted to this powerful habit?


What if someone offered you a one time investment for $450 that would pay you back between $1,000 to $3,000 within a year?
That’s a 200% to 600%+ return on your money.…and it gets even better!...

What if that investment paid you back the same amount every year for the rest of your life? “NO BRAINER," right?
That’s almost like winning a lottery! People would be lining up for miles with their $500 in hand for this kind of return. (But what if you think, “I can’t afford to pay $500”)? that’s OK…

What if this investment didn’t cost a single extra dime out of your budget? What if you could use already budgeted money in a different way? And what if your investment included perhaps one of the most effective processes on the planet to assist you in your choice to stop poisoning yourself…guaranteed …in just one hour?

Help improve the quality of your life. Medical experts say you can gain back an average of 12 years of life by quitting smoking. What would you do with those years??

Feel healthier, breathe easier, have more energy. Get fewer colds and stop coughing. Eliminate the smell of cigarettes on your breath and clothing. Feel and look younger. …Remember before you smoked??

Say YES to this unbelievable investment in yourself, and make the decision to take back control of your life. By doing so, feel empowered again! Set a powerful example for the children in your life, and others who know you. Let this feeling of energy and empowerment spread to all the other areas of your life, and you can find yourself more successful in your relationships and at your work.

This is what Lionel Philippe, Smoking Cessation Specialist offers you. Using hypnotherapy since 2003, he will assist you in becoming a non smoker for the rest of your life in one hour. Yes only one hour.

He is so sure about his hypnotic program that he backs it up with a lifetime guarantee. In the unlikely event you go back to smoking after 2 days, 2 months or 2 years, he will accept you back at no extra charge!

Lionel is using a powerful hypnotic program that has helped hundreds of thousands smokers (EUROPE, USA and CANADA) to stop smoking in a single one hour session.

The only condition that must be met is that you answer YES to this question: DO YOU REALLY WANT TO STOP SMOKING?

The only obstacle that has prevented you from quitting smoking until now is FEAR (fear of failure, fear of gaining extra weight, fear that you will give up your crutch, fear that you will not be able to enjoy life etc).

Lionel makes it easy for you. He will help your unconscious mind work together with your conscious mind. He will help you stop the inner war that has prevented you from quitting until now and replace the devastating smoking habit with 3 healthier habits that you will chose.

Lionel has graciously agreed to offer our newsletter members a special discounted price for this hypnotherapy program. Regular value is $700. As a newsletter subscriber to Into Yoga your cost is only $450 + GST. This offer will be valid until August 31, 2007.

Please contact me at 604-421-9872 or so I can forward your interest to Lionel. You will decide with Lionel the date and time of your sessions.

You can also include our breath in Item 8 to help you in your quest.

6)    Create More Energy

We will continue to offer our Gourmet Taste Testing Events over the summer so you can sample 5 nutrition rich foods.  However, there will be fewer than usual.  Take advantage of our upcoming one.  Email me at for your invitation.  If you'd like to host a presentation in your home among your friends, we'd be happy to bring all the supplies.  You don't even have to worry about feeding them!  We'll do it all!

Take charge of your health with our Total Health & Wellness System.  Boost your immune system and cleanse your body of impurities with concentrated nutrition and none of the unwanted calories. This signature system of organic plant source cleansing ingredients contains over 240 nutrients.

Charge up your life with our new Taste Testing Event.  Get healthier, feel better, look better!  Come and taste these revolutionary new super foods.

Call 604-421-9872 for our presentation schedule.

7)    Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga invites expecting moms to combine exercise and thoughts with each other.  With an emphasis on breath, relaxation and postures that will increase strength and endurance, this class focuses on relieving common discomforts of pregnancy and techniques to reduce pain contributing to an easier delivery.  Doctor's approval is recommended. You'll find our Summer Prenatal Yoga classes at  Britannia Community Center, Greentree Village, and Killarney Community Center.  You can find all our classes at

8)    Try this Pose




I suppose I should call this "Try this Breath".  Sitali is not really a posture at all.  Although some say that the tongue position can be quite a feat.  With the warm weather upon us, aaahhhhh (delighted sigh), I thought you might need something to cool your body.  This breath actually works well to lower a fever too.  If you're trying to curb food cravings or to stop smoking, this is an excellent breath to practice.

1. Sitting straight, curl the outer edges of the tongue inward to form a tunnel.
2. Inhale, slowly and steadily through the tunnel created.
3. Close your mouth and place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and feel the coolness of your tongue.
4. Exhale through the nose.
5. Repeat several times.

Please note: Do this posture at your own risk.

9)    New Articles

The May/June 2007 issue of Vista Magazine is on the newsstand.  And with it is the article I contributed about Nutritional Cleansing.  You can see other articles I've written for Vista Magazine at and entering Sheri Kauhausen in the Keyword & Search box.  You can pick up the current edition of Vista Magazine at your local health store.

I hope you continue to read the articles I pen for The Healing Journal.  The fifth installment will be available soon.  You can read previous articles by clicking one of the links below.

Part one of the series offers some suggestions for warming up before beginning your full practice. 

Part two reveals the correct way to breathe.  It can be found at

Part three teaches at easy technique to help you relax.  You'll find it at

Part four helps you to relieve lower backache.  It can be found at

The Healing Journal is a Vancouver based magazine freely distributed throughout the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley.  It is created to give inspiring and relevant information about the art and science of healing on many levels – body, mind, soul and spirit.  It can be found at health food stores, metaphysical stores, wellness clinics, bookstores, fitness and yoga centres, community centres, libraries, and many other locations.  You can visit them online at

10)    Interesting Websites for Pregnant Moms

The Baby Center
For those of you who are trying to get pregnant or are already expecting is a great site to find out the best time to get pregnant, track your baby's development, or pick your newborns name.

Cafe Mom
Talk with and get to know other moms at Stay in touch, make new friends and express yourself with this website dedicated as a "place for moms".

11)    Recipe

Becki's Oven Barbecued Chicken (4 - 6 serving)
by Abbie Cromer on


10 chicken wings
3 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon onion powder
5 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 cup ketchup
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons prepared mustard

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C).
2.  In a small saucepan, melt butter or margarine. Add onion powder, sugar, Worcestershire sauce and mustard; mix well. Dilute ketchup with water and add to saucepan mixture. Let simmer for 15 minutes.
3.  Place chicken wings in a 9x13 inch baking dish. Pour saucepan mixture over chicken. Bake, uncovered, in the preheated oven for about 45 minutes.

: use the sauce on chicken legs, thighs or breasts.


12)    Quips and Quotes

The success of man in raising himself higher comes through the right effort and the right method, not merely by concentrating on the right aspiration or upon the words of others directed to yet others. ~Idries Shah


13)    Your Contributions Welcome


If you would like to contribute in some way to upcoming newsletters, please contact us at  We welcome your views, thoughts, enlightenments, articles, etc.  To submit articles for our website you can visit to review our guidelines.


We'd love to hear what you think of this issue!

Please send your comments, questions, and ideas for upcoming issues to Your feedback matters to us!



14)    Our Privacy Policy


We appreciate your patronage.  We will never violate your trust by giving out your personal information.  We will never rent, sell or otherwise offer your personal information to anyone.



15)    Email this Newsletter to a Friend


We would be honored if you thought this email worthy of passing along to your family and friends.  Please do so with our gratitude.


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