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Our New Website, Science, Nutrition, Energy Shot and Ordinary People

Our New Website
You'll find that when you go to www.cleanseyourbody.ca, it looks way different than in the past.  But at heart we're still the same.  We just wanted to be able to express more of our own philosophy, and that of our team, so people know better who we are and what we represent. 

We believe that everyone should have the ability to do  more of what makes them happy, look and feel exceptional, and turn their goals and dreams into reality.  We're here to help you do that and visiting our Global Impact Group's (GIG for short) team website is just the start!

I encourage you to take a look at our new website.  Pass it along to others and if they like what they see, they can sign up for our newsletters to learn even more.

Check out our new website www.cleanseyourbody.ca, and if it's product you're looking for just click on the BUY NOW button on the Health Page or click this link.

The Science Behind the 30 Day System

Rewind back to 2002, and Isagenix was born out of an idea—call it a stroke of inspiration or a practical, thoughtful approach to a nutritional program—to produce a line of products like no other.

An important distinction was that these products would be combined into a system involving “Shake Days” and “Cleanse Days.” The Shake Days replaced two meals a day with shakes, allowing for flexibility on a third meal. The Cleanse Days, conversely, were one or two days a week of fasting supplemented by the herbal drink, Cleanse for Life, and Isagenix Snacks™ wafers.

It was this Isagenix 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning system (along with additional supportive products like Natural Accelerator, IsaFlush, and the adaptogenic-drink Ionix Supreme) that propelled the company to new heights in bringing convenient health and weight management to thousands of people.  To continue reading, click here.

March On With Your Nutrition Goals
Have your New Year’s resolutions started to fade? March is National Nutrition Month and a good time to recharge your health and wellness goals and get back on track. This year, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics aptly chose the theme “Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle” emphasizing not just the importance of a healthy diet or physical activity, but the combination of both.

The Academy is placing the focus on adopting eating and exercise habits to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Making informed food choices, consuming fewer calories, and daily physical activity are all at the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Isagenix is in full agreement as a company that there is no single food or habit that is the key to good health. A healthy weight and lifestyle through good nutrition and physical activity will improve the way you feel and reduce the risk for chronic health conditions (1; 2). Exercise and eating well, in fact, will only improve results when using an Isagenix system.  To continue reading, click here.

Product Spotlight


A flavorful energy boost with a scientifically supported blend of botanicals formulated to help you feel refreshed, energized and mentally alert. e+ is infused with a host of healthy ingredients to fire up your athletic performance without artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors.

·  Naturally-sourced caffeine from green tea and yerba maté
·  Fuel for everyday activities or competitive athletic performances
·  Only 35 calories per serving
·  The e+ Starter Pak is the best way to stock up with enough e+ for yourself and others
·  For each box of e+ sold, Isagenix will donate 50 cents to Make-A-Wish®

Learn more about e+ Energy Shot or purchase them here.

Ordinary People Living Extraordinary Lives
A breakthrough is a significant advancement, development, or achievement that removes a barrier standing in the way of your progress. It can be personally or professionally.

Breakthroughs happen every minute; at home and while talking with others, but what’s most inspiring about breakthroughs is the “ah-ha” moment that changes the way you view life afterward. So, the question is, “Are you ready to break through?” Listen to some people who did by clicking

15 Month Study Validates Weight Loss and Maintenance
A new 15-month study, in collaboration with Skidmore College, concluded in November 2014. The initial results yield incredible scientific validation for the Isagenix system—both for weight loss, as well as for long-term weight maintenance.

Isagenix Chief Science Officer Dr. Suk Cho, says, “We know if you can maintain healthy weight loss, you can also stave off chronic diseases associated with being overweight and obese like cardiovascular disease. We also know that most people who diet don’t keep the weight off long term. But we believed that Isagenix products could help people lose weight and keep it off long term, that’s why we invested in this unprecedented 15-month study.”

To review the study click here.

Isagenix is the ideal solution to help you get on track with your health and wellness goals for 2015. It's time to get back to the basics!

Call or email us today if you have questions or would like to order. Also, please feel free to forward this on to anyone who is looking for better health. Again, we appreciate your business and referrals.

Visit our website at www.cleanseyourbodynow.ca and order your Isagenix products to get started now.  Or contact us so we can help you choose the right pack for your needs.

Yours in Health,
Sheri & Pete Kauhausen

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Product Success
Brother and Sister Duo Inspire Each Other to Lose Over 100 Pounds

Sometimes “life happens.” And often when it does, we neglect to make our health a priority.

After the tragic loss of both of their parents in less than a year, brother and sister James “Jamie” and Kathie realized their already-heavy figures were spiraling out of control.

As a dedicated sister in a family of five siblings, Kathie was always taking care of other people, but neglecting to care for herself.

“With my mom and dad gone and no more excuses, it was time for me to take care of myself,” she says.

In early 2014, Jamie was introduced to Isagenix by his friend Maureen. He surged forward, putting 100 percent into the program. Soon, he began to see incredible changes with his body.

Meanwhile, Kathie bounced back and forth with the other programs. Struggling to maintain real weight loss, she opened her eyes to her brother’s results.

 “His weight started coming off and he soon passed my weight-loss number,” remembers Kathie. “He also raved about his high energy levels and how great he was feeling.”  
Read more here.

Financial Success

Freedom Seeker Discovers Community

For all of you out there who feel that unfortunate circumstances and a less-than-ideal past prevent you from being the person you want to be, our newest Isagenix Millionaire, Stephanie B., says think again.

“Regardless of our background, our starting point, and what happens in life, it doesn’t have to define our success in this business,” she says.

Despite a difficult upbringing and lack of any real role models, Stephanie refused to let her past define her future.

“It was a bad scene growing up,” remembers Stephanie. “But I was so determined and I didn’t take no for an answer. The opportunity allowed me to believe in myself.”

Stephanie has grown from escaping an abusive home situation at just 16 to being financially free. As she travels the world with her husband, Allen, she credits her success to one thing: persistence.  Read more

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